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There is a grammatical error in the title of Donald Trump Jr’s new book

The occasional grammatical error in a long book is understandable. English, after all, can be a bitch of a language.

But an apostrophe kerfuffle on the front page of a book? That’s a huge fuck up.

Photo – trailed cover art for Liberal Privilege

If you look closer at the subtitle for Donald Trump Jr’s new book Liberal Privilege, you’ll probably find an embarrassing grammatical mistake.

Donald Trump Jr has gone on to say “libs” are “already triggered” by the announcement of his forthcoming book, Liberal Privilege. Sadly for Trump Jr, they’re probably just laughing at him. The self-publishing author, or at the very least his editor, have missed a key grammatical fuck up, smack bang on the front page.

“Joe Biden and the Democrat’s Defense of the Indefensible.” You may have already spotted it, but if not, here comes a brief English lesson.

An apostrophe must come after the ‘s’ if the possessive noun is plural. It’s likely Trump Jnr isn’t talking about just one Democrat, but the group as a whole. If this is the case (which it almost definitely is), that apostrophe has jumped the gun, and should be after the ‘s’, not before it. This is grammar 101. Trump Jnr, we thought you were a writer!

Anyway, while we’re roasting him, take a moment to cringe at the tacky design seen above. Those flames really don’t help the author’s case, instead making him look tasteless as well. Ducklo, Biden’s national press secretary had this to say about the announcement of Trump Jnr’s new book: “Is there anything more on brand than Donald Trump Jr trying to cash in on a book filled with disgusting lies and smears about Joe Biden?” Ooft. We better leave it there.

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July 16, 2020