Donald Trumpy launched an anti-immigrant hotline. Now America is prank calling him

Ahh, Donald Trump. 100 days in and all you’ve managed to do is cause a maelstrom of horror, satire and a worldwide sensation that the whole planet has a bad taste in their mouths. The POTUS’ latest colossal fuck up comes in the form of an anti-immigrant hotline, established to help victims of crimes committed by “removable criminal aliens”.

In the short amount of time that the Victims of Immigrant Crime Engagement Office (VOICE) have had their hotline open, they’ve been swamped by prank calls in protest. From citing experiences with actual aliens to complaining about the crimes of First Immigrant Melania Trump, yet again the American people have proved themselves to be masters at lampooning their current Prez.

melania trump illegal alien anti-immigrant hotline VOICE
Last known photo of Melania Trump

What do you do when your President opens up an anti-immigrant hotline? You enact your constitutional right to freedom of speech in the form of hilarious disruption.

Man, can you imagine if old mate Tones had set up his own hotline? I wanna complain too, dammit.

Via Upworthy.