Donny Benet & Kirin J Callinan release video for The Edge

Donny Benet & Kirin J Callinan, have released The Edge, complete with a music video of them performing the song on Italian community network television.

db and kc 1

Being the consummate consumers of contemporary popular culture that they are, Callinan and Benet have donned shiny jackets, garishly coloured suits, gloves, hair grease and plastic aviators and made a video clip of such startling high-definition quality that it’ll make the denizens of trendy enclaves like Newtown, Fitzroy and Fremantle va-va-voom at this pair’s audacity to be this avant-garde. Even Marcel Duchamp would weep.

Check out le clip below and get that eject button ready, this cool song is going to melt your hot heart.

The Edge will features on the album Weekend at Donny’s, out on Rice is Nice.