Don’t miss Clockwork, an illustrative/photographic portrait series coming to Sydney

In Sydney at the beginning of February, artist Chelsea Cooper and photographer Vanilla Tupu will combine forces for a one-off exhibition illustrating the personalities and quirks of the new generation.

ClockworkA Vision of Youth in Retrograde will be a combined photography/art exhibition complete with food, drinks and live music. Bring your friends.

clockwork vanilla tupu chelsea cooper
Photo: Vanilla Tupu

Fill your artistic quota with Clockwork – A Vision of Youth in Retrograde, a combined photography and art exhibition coming to Sydney this February.

The exhibition will consist of three to five diptych portraits of young individuals, created by Cooper based on photographs capture by Tupu. The images were chosen to recall scenes of the past, taking set, tone, colour, and fashion into account. The space will also include a special Gothic centrepiece set up for the show.

Vanilla Tupu’s photography strives to capture this aesthetic. Inspired by vintage interior design and architecture, subculture, street style, and music, her photos often feel like they’ve been dug out from the earth, immersed in a time capsule since the 1970s. Chelsea Cooper is a Japanese-born, Sydney-based designer and illustrator similarly inspired by the past.

The exhibition takes place on Wednesday February 6th at Vividshop in Surry Hills, with live music to be performed by BreizersCoconut Cream, and KILIMI, plus drinks provided by Young Henrys.

Find out more about Clockwork here.