Get roped into the captivating indie-folk sounds of Peter Money’s new EP Fool’s Kingdom

Peter Money creates mini-universes within each of his songs. With careful lyricism and textured instrumentation, he creates sprawling sonic landscapes that you’ll have no problem getting lost within. Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, the young singer-songwriter truly is an artist like no other.

Now, with the release of his new EP Fool’s Kingdom, Money continues to establish himself as one of the country’s most unique and exciting emerging voices. This is definitely a name you’ll want to keep an eye on.

On his new EP Fool’s Kingdom, Western Australian singer-songwriter Peter Money continues to establish himself as one of the country’s most exciting emerging acts.

Throughout the new EP’s six-track duration, Money weaves together elements of folk, indie-rock, and pop to craft a sound uniquely his own. With earthy guitar lines and spirited vocal hooks, Fool’s Kingdom is at once energetic and emotionally resonant. Money dissects emotionally weighted issues and finds the joy that lies within. The result is a truly infectious and dynamic listening experience.

On EP opener Storm, Money sings “I’m going to find my way through the pain,” and as the song progresses, Money’s vocal delivery grows increasingly passionate. There’s a captivating grit and resilience in his voice, and it’ll rope you in, leaving you hanging on each word.

Surrender and Sleep are the EP’s punchiest and dreamiest tracks, respectively. The two tracks provide a perfect showcase of Money’s versatility. Fool’s Kingdom never sits in one place for too long – it pulls in myriad directions, creating a perpetual excitement for what Money might deliver next.

By the time album closer Everything’s Gonna Be Ok reaches its conclusion, you’ll have been roped in completely to Peter Money’s endearing alt-folk sounds.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new EP above.