Catch WHARVES, Suncreen and more on the last leg of Lennox Groove’s TwAnG! Tour

Since the beginnings of March, the legends up at Lennox Groove have been putting on a series of shows dubbed the TwAnG! Tour. Combining surf and music, two ripper nights have already gone down at Thirroul and Coolangatta.

Now the third and final chapter is ready to go down at the tour’s most iconic beachfront yet – Manly.

twang! tour hotel steyne manly nina tempone sunscreen
Photo: Nina Tempone

Celebrate surf at music on the last leg of Lennox Groove’s TwAnG! Tour, taking place this May at Manly’s Hotel Steyne.

The TwAnG! Tour wraps up at the Hotel Steyne in Manly on May 11th, right in line with the Global Surftag Australian Champions. After you’ve watched a score of the country’s best surfers duke it out, jump off the beach and into the Steyne for a night of live music.

Lennox Groove favourites WHARVES will be leading the celebrations, joined by the likes of Sunscreen, DIET., Georgia June, and more.

The evening kicks off from 4pm on May 11th at the Hotel Steyne, Manly. Entry is free.

Check out the full lineup below, and grab all the extra details here.


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