Manly’s iconic Hotel Steyne has changed hands

Hotel Steyne has been a jewel in Manly’s crown for a couple of decades. The iconic pub has been home to a plethora of live music, parties and just a bunch of bloody good times since it opened some 160 years ago.

But earlier this month, the pub changed hands once again. The hotel was bought for the price of roughly $60 million by private hotel group Iris Capital.


Iconic Manly pub, Hotel Steyne has been sold for over $60 million, with plans to restore the pub to its former glory by new owners, Iris Capital.

When previous owners, John Singleton, Mark Carnegie, Robert Whyte and Arthur Laundy put the building up for sale in February, locals expressed concern that the vibe of the place would change. Some locals went so far as to say they didn’t want “some latte-sipping person coming here and mucking the pub up”.

Which is fair enough. After over 150 years of classic pub hijinks, Manly-siders are keen to keep their local, local.

We’ll be keeping our eyes on what happens up there on the Northern Beaches. For now, be sure to check out the amazing music lineup the Steyne has programmed for this month right here.