Don’t worry Kev, Happy have just created the artwork for the next 8 Tame Impala records

Tame Impala have always been as visually compelling as they are aurally hypnotising. Their lives shows are always bathed in light, shapes and patterns, and their album artwork has always reflected the cosmic exuberance of their music.

That’s why they are the first thing we thought of when we stumbled across the mind-melting photography of astronaut Scott Kelly.

tame impala

Kevin Parker need not worry, Happy have got the next 8 Tame Impala album covers sorted thanks to the stunning cosmic photography of astronaut Scott Kelly.

Kelly, commander of the International Space Station, has been floating in space since March. During that time he’s been pretty active on social media, particularly on Instagram.

Over the past few days, Kelly has shared a series of incredible photos he’s taken of Australian landscapes from his vantage point in space, 400 km above the Earth’s surface.

They basically all look like submissions for the next Tame Impala record cover, with sand dunes, rivers and salt lakes forming abstract patterns with psychedelic colours aplenty.

We thought we’d jump in there first.









Background images were inspired by an amazing post on The Creators Project.

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