What would you say to the first band you ever saw live? We gave Twin Haus the chance to try, as they interview i heart hiroshima

Old mates Twin Haus are a top bunch. The Brisbane-born, outer space-based rockers bust out intergalactic experimentalism like no other, while keeping their sound reeled in for some killer singles.

Their label-mates i heart hiroshima are also good blokes, though not without a little grime-pop twist. They’re going to be playing a pretty hectic show called Deadlam this Halloween, but who would want to play a show with someone you’ve never met?


In the lead up to Deadlam, we play cupid and tee up a cheeky interview between fellow Brisbane legends Twin Haus and i heart hiroshima.

TH: i heart hiroshima was the first band I ever saw live. Your albums Tuff Teef and The Rip really mean a lot to me. Were there any Brisbane bands that inspired you guys growing up?

IHH: That’s amazing! Hope it was a good show. I was hugely inspired by Regurgitator as a teen. Then, when I moved to Brisbane I have to say I was most inspired by the band Kicks. To see Mel (who I knew from high school – also an original IHH member) killing it in the big city music scene was hugely inspiring for me.

TH: Two guitars, drums and vocals. Your sound is definitely unique, and an absolute tour de force to experience live. What made you guys settle upon this particular lineup?

IHH: Settle is definitely the word for it. Mostly laziness and impatience!

TH: It was upsetting to hear that the band was taking time off back in 2009. Why did you guys decide to pack it in, and what brought the band back together?

IHH: Technically we never broke up. Sullivan moved to Germany to have some good times and we just said we’ll get back to it when we can. There was a point at the start of this year when we could, so we did!

TH: In the new single Fifty Three, the band’s trademark sound comes washed in reverb. Can listeners expect to hear further experimentation in new releases?

IHH: Absolutely. Five years has taken its toll, particularly on my approach to guitar playing, but also just on us as musicians. Cam has had Martyr Privates (in which I also play very effect-heavy lead guitar) and Sullivan has had an astounding amount of solo and collaborative work. I like to think we all took our own paths and somehow ended up back together. 

TH: It’s been a big year for the band so far, what’s left for 2016? Do you have any 2017 plans locked in that you can talk about?

IHH: We have the sweet sweet Deadlam show coming up very soon, but apart from that no concrete plans for shows before the end of the year. We are hoping to have more new tunes out in the next month though! Plus we are playing at NGV in Melbourne in January which will be incredible. 

TH: Deadlam 2016 is most definitely going to be big, the Bedlam Records crew know how to put on an event. What can crowds expect from i heart hiroshima on the night?

IHH: Three people having a fucking great time and then probably collapsing.