‘DOOM: Eternal’ ramps up the chaos with upcoming Horde Mode

DOOM: Eternal is getting a brand new Horde Mode that promises to dial the chaos of the original game up to 11, which should be a match made in… hell?

DOOM: Eternal received rave reviews when in was released in early 2020. Critics and players alike appreciated the game’s return to what made the original titles so great; big guns, heavy metal tunes, and wave after wave of demons to blast holes in.

It was the kind of game that gave players enough of an adrenaline hit that 18 months later, they’re still chasing that high.

doom eternal
Image: DOOM: Eternal / id Software

And thankfully, id Software have the perfect gift in store for their loyal fanbase. The long-awaited DOOM: Eternal Horde Mode is almost upon us, coming in the form of a chunky update that goes live October 26. But what exactly will said update entail?

The DOOM: Eternal Horde Mode will be available as a single player experience or in competitive online play. Essentially, the game throws waves or enemies at you until you just can’t take it anymore. And considering how similar to the general vibe of DOOM: Eternal that is, we can pretty much guarantee that it will be pretty damn fun.

The October 26 update will also feature some improvements to the existing 2v1 BATTLEMODE, although how they will be implemented isn’t entirely clear yet.

It has come to light that Horde Mode will replace id Software’s proposed invasion mechanic, which unfortunately has been confirmed as another casualty of the COVID era. That mode would have allowed players to invade each other’s runs as giant demons – something which sounds completely awesome if I’m honest. Sadly though, it will not see the light of day.

The DOOM: Eternal Horde Mode will be officially shown off October 23 9:30 am AEST in a livestream event here.