The City’s self-titled EP is a tense journey through indie and electronic textures

The City has returned with a second, self-titled EP. It’s an emotional trip that touches funk, rock, and dark electronica.

The City (aka solo artist, Phil Hanlon) has reemerged with a sophomore, self-titled EP. For a five-track body of work, it’s decidedly eclectic: elements of synthy funk from the ’80s and club music grooves are infused with the artist’s trademark flavour of indie-pop.

Lyrically, The City is a prolific storyteller and his new EP doesn’t shy away from the autobiographical. The overall result is an experience that hits the sweet spot: an intensely emotional tale, combined with irresistible hooks that will push you onto the dancefloor.

The City

Kicking off with Tempted, the sonic mood for the EP is set. The drum groove is hard-hitting, but it’s coupled with spacious treatments of the guitar and a moody synth pad. This rhythmic blueprint leaves space for The City’s rapid-fire lyrics to come to the fore, evoking a possible love that’s just out of reach.

B.T.S, which stands for ‘better than sex’ (and not these guys) is straight out of an ’80s nightclub and lends the EP a party atmosphere, whereas The Grey, a tale of a relationship that was lost between love and lust, brings back a decidedly indie-rock vibe.

Tell Me I’m Yours takes as back to the dancefloor, but with a more relaxed tempo. Syncopated stabs and The City’s laidback vocal delivery are the highlights of this head-nodding track. The closer, Puzzles, infuses the EP with intense energy, an anthemic, euphoric ending that’s sure to be crowd favourite when The City returns to the stage.

The self-titled EP from The City is out now. Dive into it below: