Sada sings sweet liberation over soulful piano on single ‘Fearless’

Sada sings sweet liberation over soulful piano on single ‘Fearless’

It’s adamantly clear from the very first piano chords of Fearless that you’re in for an absolute treat.

The first time I heard Sada, it felt like I’d just been teleported to a jazz bar with a justifiably expensive entrance fee. The Sydney artist just has one of those confident voices that sails over the melody like nobody’s business. You can sit back in your chair, sip some wine, and trust that you’re in for a wonderful listening experience.

In her latest single, Fearless, the singer takes centre stage to spread a message of liberation and self-love.


If you’re looking to wallow in self-pity, this may not be the track for you. Here, Sada builds up her audience, encouraging self-expression, calling “for you to show all colours of the rainbow”. After her friend came out, he found his most fearless self, which inspired the positive tune.

Jazz-inspired keys played by Harry Sutherland (Matt Corby‘s touring pianist) swagger along with graceful notes. Alongside the double-time drums, the rhythm is abundantly loose and carefree. “You can start to grow again”, Sada beckons, playfully bending the melody at every opportunity.


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Her vocals and singing style are no doubt influenced by the likes of Alicia Keys and Ella Fitzgerald –  totally suitable to the intimate jazz bar soundscape. Her pristine vocals are further complimented by the masterful production work of Simon Cohen.

For the music video, Sada showcases pencil drawings of six subjects that are “empowered within themselves; despite not fitting into the social norms of beauty, femininity or masculinity”. All of this wholesome feel goodery hits you like a breath of fresh air, considering the toxicity of our current cultural landscape. After all, you don’t fight hate with hate. You fight it with love.

Watch the music video for Fearless below: