Pete McCredie surfs through the motions on 'Put A Little Love On Me'

Pete McCredie surfs through the motions on ‘Put A Little Love On Me’

Pete McCredie has his songbook open at all times, waiting for an opportunity to turn the personal into the musical. The latest inspiration came from his brother.

Novocastrian singer/songwriter Pete McCredie describes his music as “heartfelt stories of personal experiences and future dreams”. While this is all true, for McCredie’s latest endeavour, he embodied the emotions of another.

With his brother currently going through a divorce, McCredie ran to the studio, knowing that there was a meaningful story to unpack. Written, produced, mixed and mastered all by the artist, Put A Little Love On Me shows us the artist in his most true form yet.

Pete McCredie

From the viewpoint of the downtrodden, McCredie establishes a “house on fire”,  to the sounds of picked acoustic and cute piano. It’s a sweet-sounding soundscape, juxtaposing the heavy nature of the topic. The artist has an engaging melodic flow, surfing through the motions at rapid speed, only to slow down for some falsetto hooks or to linger on a high note.

“You cut off all the ropes you let me fall and hit the ground”, he pleas in the bridge, conveying a passionate feeling of loss we can all relate to. Considering the viewpoint of the song, it’s understandable that the protagonist is also “asking if a little love could be given, even though it may be deserved”.

Walking the tightrope of wants and needs, McCredie has added another track to his songbook that’s bound to resonate with those craving some company.


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The artist recently converted a Toyota Hiace Van into a little camper van, so he can busk up and down the East Coast.

Keep your eyes peeled, and don’t forget to put a little love on him.

Listen to Put A Little Love On Me below: