Here’s what ‘DOOM Eternal’ looks like with ray tracing on the PS5

DOOM Eternal is one of the finest shooters of our time, capitalising on the series’ legacy with hours of high-octane, heavy metal-fuelled destruction. On the PS5 with ray tracing, it gets even better.

DOOM Eternal has just joined the slew of last-gen games upgraded to make better use of next-gen console hardware. The upgrade brings a different flavour depending on your rig of choice, but across the board it improves framerate, resolution, and adds ray tracing in some cases.

With the PS5 upgrade you have the choice between three modes; Performance Mode running 1800p at 120FPS, Balanced Mode running 4K at 60FPS, and Ray Tracing running 1800p at 60FPS. We decided to take the ray tracing option, and you can check out some footage of it in action below.

doom eternal ray tracing ps5
DOOM Eternal: now with reflections

Returning to DOOM Eternal was a ton of fun. Sure, I may have lost some of the twitch-action muscle memory that turned me into a demon-slaying juggernaut by the end of The Ancient Gods, but even in its opening moments, this is a fun ass game.

The FPS upgrade feels brilliant for a game as fast-paced as DOOM Eternal, but DOOM Eternal with ray tracing is something else entirely. Our beloved Slayer finally has a reflection in windows, pools of blood or water on the ground are illuminated by nearby neon or burning red hell lights, and your equipped gun is a constant light show in bright environments.

Watch our showcase below.