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Download 100MB of organic percussion samples for free

In need of something special to spice up your loops? How about some Organic Samples? Head on over to Reddit to download 100MB of free’Organic Percussion’.

Producers know you can never have too many samples, especially percussion hits. So when they’re free, you tend to download them. Thanks to a generous Reddit user by the name of u/SignatureLabel, you can now download 100MB of ‘Organic Percussion’ sounds for free.

Free Percussion Samples
Free Perc Loops














The sample pack includes various textural sounds, such as a mint container rattling, broken glass crunching, sticks cracking, keys jingling, you get the picture. These samples are great for beefing up your drum tracks into more creative loops, or for layering with more traditional sounds to create unique tones in your production.

“In this pack even more organic sounds have been added for you to produce some amazingly creative and organic beats. With organic sounds and textures recorded in a forest, coins being shaken in a glass and the sound of a broken lightbulb these sounds should add some originality to your beats and add that little bit of extra flair.”

The pack includes 500 one-shot samples and organic drums which are all completely royalty free. Head on over to r/WeAreTheMusicMakers to download the pack, and be sure to say cheers!