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Dreadbox Typhon combines the best of analog and digital worlds

Dreadbox has made an art of the desktop module in recent years, with the semi-modular Erebus and Nyx bringing a lot of flexibility to the small form factor. The Typhon presents a more beginner-friendly interface while keeping to a size that won’t hog too much of your workspace.

This monosynth ships with two oscillators, a four-pole low pass filter and analog VCAs. What sets it apart, however, is its intelligent implementation of digital tech, including a vast preset memory and a suite of effects from Sinevibes.Typhon

Dreadbox has unveiled the Typhon monosynth. While the sound generation is all-analog, it’s expanded by digital tech, including effects from Sinevibes.

Despite its size, the controls are spread generously across the face of the Typhon. Knobs on the left are ready-made for hands-on jamming with controls for waveshapes, filter cutoff, resonance, filter and amplifier time and tuning.

On the right, you can control amp and filter envelopes, with buttons to lay down some sequenced patterns and save presets.

As mentioned earlier, Dreadbox tapped Sinevibes, a company with a long pedigree in creating innovative music software. They’ve crafted twelve effects for the synth, including distortion, a range of modulated colours, reverb, delay and more.

To find out more about this pocket-sized wonder, head over to Dreadbox.