PREMIERE: Smooth and other-worldly, it’s a galaxy of feels on Dream Coast’s Golden Haze

With melodies ripped right out of another galaxy, Dream Coast pull no punches with their debut album. Golden Haze simultaneously satisfies a thirst for experimental music and shows us what Stranger Things would look like if it took place in a coastal Queensland town.

As the project of Conor Graham and Josh Bowling, musical touchstones are found in artists like Massive Attack, Boards of Canada, S U R V I V E, Flying Lotus and Slowdive.

In Golden Haze by Dream Coast, we’re taken into a world of swirling soundscapes, hypnotic rhythms and analogue synth lines sure to melt your mind.

The album comes to fruition through some serious devotion, the Brisbane duo spending countless hours perfecting their craft in the studio. The resulting record speaks for itself; a conceptual slow burner so bright it could guide you out of the darkest tunnel.

As a densely layered record, the tunes make for the perfect companion to an introspective bedroom listen or even a club setting. Branded by its cinematic flair, Golden Haze will strike hot with fans of minimal electronica.

Behind the eight tracks lays an evocative emotional draw. It’s no easy task to squeeze so many life experiences into an album without vocals, yet Dream Coast pull it off.

As Josh shares, “Golden Haze is a snapshot of our lives. We wanted to create a cohesive piece of work to pool our creative energy and make meaning in a busy and chaotic time in our lives.”

“The album is about creating a perfect dream world far from ours, a sort of ‘Dream Coast’. The themes of the album include the passage of time, anxiety, escapism and confronting reality.”

Album opener Gold Whirl builds through suspenseful beats with a theatrical twist. Continuing with the cohesion, Cold Sunset rings with intrigue, inspired by what Josh describes as “the passage of time and the feeling of inadequacy.”

Time serves as a strong backbone to the tunes, with Forever December pumping to a heartbeat-like percussion line. Josh shares that the song came to life after the completion of his degree, serving as “a reflection on looming changes and creating a place where the holiday time was captured forever.” 

A softer addition, Crystal Cascades narrows in on a more discreet sentiment, while Snakedance marches with a shadowy texture. Created after the loss of a close friend who struggled with mental health; the tune closes the album on an open, hopeful note.


Golden Haze is out today.