Who should open for Fleet Foxes or Liam Gallagher? Suss our dream Aussie supports for each Falls sideshow

A few weeks back Falls Festival announced a streak of sideshows, meaning that over New Years Eve Australia will be hosting a ton of world-class performers including Jungle, Foster the People and Liam Gallagher.

We were pretty much salivating over the shows already, but shortly noticed that none of these massive tours had booked supports yet. Well Falls, we’ve done the heavy lifting for ya this time. Here’s who you should book.

Falls Festival sideshows 2017 support acts liam gallagher dmas

With the Falls Festival sideshows closing in, we’re ready to line up a couple of dream supports. Who do you think should play alongside these acts?

Liam Gallagher – DMAs

“I don’t know much about Australian music – I know there’s that band DMAs, I went to see them a couple of weeks ago, 
and I like what I see. Man, they got some good tunes in there.”

That’s Liam Gallagher speaking to GQ earlier in the year, so we’re pretty happy to call this one as a real possibility. DMAs certainly have the Britpop chops, and with a couple of huge releases to their name, they seem to have the pull too.

Fleet Foxes – Shining Bird

During their 2017 performances at the Sydney Opera House, Fleet Foxes blew Australian audiences away with a worldly, expansive and altogether unbelievable set. Drawing massive influence from the natural world and all of its beauty, we couldn’t be more excited to see this band again.

Our boys from the south coast, Shining Bird would be the perfect appetiser. Somebody get Fleet Foxes around Helluva Lot, stat.

Run The Jewels – A.B. Original

When they’re not cozying up to Jeremy Corbyn or collaborating with Gorillaz, Run The Jewels put on a fierce hip-hop show like no other.

And when they can, they love to incite some rebellious fire, which nobody in Australia embodies more than A.B. Original right now.

Foster The People – Methyl Ethel

Two pop-rock bands helmed by a pair of dynamite songwriters, there’s certainly a crossover between fans of Foster The People (i.e. the whole world) and Methyl Ethel (who the whole world should be listening to).

Foster’s Pumped Up Kicks and Ethel’s Ubu are two of the biggest earworms of the last 10 years, straight up. They belong on a stage together.

Vince Staples – Citizen Kay

Vince Staples, an Aussie favourite since appearing on Flume’s sophomore LP Skin, has recently found even more fame following his acclaimed album Big Fish Theory.

A rising star in the Aussie scene, Citizen Kay brings a similar vibe to Vince, busting out shit-hot verses and crazily catch choral hooks with every release. Plus, I reckon they’d get along. They’re both so smiley.

Jungle – Sex On Toast

These two were made for each other. Well, Sex On Toast is a good chunk sillier than Jungle, but their tunes are definitely of the same persuation.

Smooth, sultry rhythms with a touch of choral class. We’re on board.

Grab the full run of dates, details, and ticket links for every Falls sideshow on their website.