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Drinking In Iceland tell us about the conception of their dazzling debut

Aussie rock outfit Drinking In Iceland, have blown us away with their spine tingling debut single Fever.

Drinking in Iceland is the creative brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Chris Quinton, who spent years filling hard drives with demos and unfinished work before bonding with guitarist Ben Graham over a kindred love of Coldplay in 2013.

We caught up with Quinton to chat about the conception behind, Fever. Drawing on varying influences and scores the single flirts with passion and subtlety.

Let Quinton take you behind the scenes of their dazzling debut single:

“I wrote this song in the middle of a Summer holiday, a time where I had lost love. It felt like I had been robbed of something that maybe wasn’t even mine, but still felt like I’d lost the hope of love. I had a few weeks off work and was tied up in a summer house, I was really trying to pull myself back together. I had set up all my stuff in the lounge room and everyday I would wake up, open protools and start moseying around something musical.”

“It’s funny when you give yourself this kind of space something new seems to come out, late one night I was working on a beat a I had recorded. It was a monotonous loop that had been stuck in my head for months, given my protools chops weren’t really that good I decided to find a loop and just roll with it for the whole song. I added tonnes of distortion and doubled a few parts with some kick / snare samples. I had been borrowing a Juno 106 from a friend and was using it on everything, so naturally it was the first to go down. It felt like I could explore something new, I could see a cool night and feel the fresh air on my skin in the music, it was so appropriate for how I was feeling.”

“Fresh air for me represents new, new breath of life that comes at times. Many of my inspired moments all come from fresh air moments and it feels like what ever old and stale parts of me are beautifully replaced with something new. I desire this feeling, this feeling of new, maybe the idea that the old can’t touch me and the future is more exciting than the past (always thankful for the past… but future is what I need).”

“I spent the day around this idea, I would make some food, edit, go for a swim and live with the idea of the song. A few weeks earlier I had been thinking about this idea of Fever, defined as something that overcomes you (in horrible sickness) but I loved the idea of Fever. As the day went on and night fell, I started to see that this loop, this jam was about this idea of long waited future love (future fever). I hadn’t sung anything yet but the feeling of the song was this fresh air hope that we need to move forward and consider new. It wasn’t until late that night (a few wines down) I had a mic on and I started to dance and sing around the song, the lyric was mostly written in the moment and this chorus of fever I’ll find my way came out so strong.”

”Given my current feelings and general sadness I didn’t really rate what I had done ha, it was pretty cool but I never really know what I had done. The next morning I re-listened and felt excited I had made something new, so I bounced the file and Dropboxed it to Jackson (my buddy and long term collaborator / producer / mixer / music master) and started making breakfast. 5 minutes later, Jackson calls me… ‘dude Im crying, this is incredible’, I think he knew what the song meant and for some reason he felt the connection to it. But honestly if he didn’t believe in it, I don’t even think it would exist!”

“I think about 70% of the song was completed that first day, many of the synths and colours where all recorded that day, I had to write a bridge and we re-recorded everything etc. The production process from here is always complicated and slow but 2 years later, the song is done. Here it is!”

Check out Fever above!


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August 9, 2019