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BREIZERS deliver punchy, anarchic goodness on Nice Casino

Syndey’s Inner West trio BREIZERS are known for their unique, energetic blend of funk, fuzz, and psychedelia. Their tracks are aggressive yet heartfelt, with relentless drumming, slap bass, huge fuzz-soaked riffs, and bullshit-free lyricism.

The band have shown no signs of slowing down this year. Just over a month after releasing their debut album Galactic Zoothey add a new chapter to their catalogue of live mayhem with the single Nice Casino. 

BREIZERS stick it to the man with their new single Nice Casino, a punchy and aggressive tune riddled with passionate embitterment towards Sydney’s lockout laws.

Nice Casino is the BREIZERS’ aggressive statement towards the NSW government’s stance on arts and culture and its crippling effect on Sydney nightlife and economy.

Drummer Lucas Cavanagh explains that “Nice Casino is the evil love child that came quickly after we released our album. Without it being said we set out to recapture all that we learned and did as a band, from the time we spent together recording our album in the church, the tour that followed, and the experiences we shared together personally and musically from the church sessions till now; All jammed in one four-minute song, recorded in twelve hours.”

Nice Casino is an uncompromising tune that packs a true punch, with unforgiving lyricism, funk-soaked bass, and fuzzed-out guitar riffs that’ll smack you in the face and make you want to stick it to the man. Mason Mackenzie Wood’s husky, forceful vocals hit you right in the guts from the get-go and just get better and better.

The lyrics are punchy and witty, calling out the Sydney government’s nightlife laws, proclaiming “you can only go so long while pissing on the flame, before the smoke that you create blows back into your face.”  The repeated chant “we know what must be done” cryptically builds suspense before the track begins its gradual spiral into a sweet anarchic climax of relentless hard-hitting drum beats, clashing cymbals, and massive overdriven riffs.

Known for their huge live show, BREIZERS are becoming fast experienced, with six east coast tours under their belts, as well as hosting cancer fundraisers and a music video premiere at Golden Age Cinema. The band have supported the likes of The Dandelion and The Delta Riggs, and have performed at numerous festivals such as Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Bohemian Beatfreaks, Grassplot, Bandapalooza, and King Street Crawl.

If you want to catch one of their wild, frenetic live shows, they’ll be launching Nice Casino at a one-off hometown show in Sydney’s infamous Rock n’ Roll pizza dive bar Frankie’s Pizza tomorrow night, Saturday the 10th of August, you can find out more here.


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August 9, 2019