Slaughterhäus Surf Cult deliver hard-hitting punk anarchy on Medicated

Brewing up a rowdy concoction of post-punk and surf rock, Slaughterhäus Surf Cult play a relentless style of garage punk that translates into frenetic live shows.

The band may be new to the scene but they’ve been keeping busy, supporting bands in their local Hobart including A. Swayze and the Ghosts and Magnetix. They also played two sets at Marion Bay Falls Festival late last year.

Tasmanian trio Slaughterhäus Surf Cult unveil Medicated, hard-hitting, energetic punk goodness, with a psyched-out video to match.

Self-described as “South-Coast punk,” the Tasmanian trio produce hard-hitting and energetic tunes that will smack you in the face in the best of ways. Their tracks often touch on themes surrounding mental health issues, in particular, those that have affected the Tasmanian community in recent years. Their new single Medicated does just that.

“In a round-about way, the track itself is critiquing Australian society’s inability to deal with and support others with mental illness; it came about from witnessing a massive mental breakdown I saw on Facebook. I really didn’t know the person so I didn’t know what to do but I imagined that I wouldn’t have known what to do even if I had known them.”

Medicated is an uncompromising, guitar-driven tune that packs a real punch, with relentless drum beats and unforgiving lyricism, polished off with a garage punk crunch. The music video adds to the anarchy of the track, it’s full of psyched-out visuals, as it flashes different shots of the band in neon-colour layered with trippy edits.

It may only be early days for these guys but they’re “ready to escape the self-imposed isolation that Tasmanian musicians can fall victim to,” and are now looking to take their live show to the rest of Australia, and we can’t wait til they do. For now, check out the music video for Medicated above.