People are now searching for aliens and Area 51 on Pornhub

People are now searching for aliens and Area 51 on Pornhub

Just when we thought this whole Area 51 thing had gone far enough, it looks like some people have gone and taken it a little further, it has now reached Pornhub.

Now people are taking the “fuck the aliens” attitude of #StormArea51 a little too literally, as Pornhub reports its searches for ‘Area 51’ and ‘alien’ are through the roof.


Pornhub once again give us an interesting insight into human sexuality as they reveal that searches for ‘alien’ and ‘Area 51’ porn have spiked recently.

If you don’t know why Area 51 has been all over your newsfeed lately, basically it started when more than a million people joined a Facebook event to storm Area 51 with the logic that the aliens “can’t stop all of us.” This followed with a whole bunch of memes on Twitter, Lil Nas X released an alien version of Old Town Road, and someone set up a website selling #StormArea51 merch.

Now, the viral meme has affected peoples’ sexualities in an obscure, but weirdly predictable fashion. Pornhub statistics show searches for ‘Area 51’ surged from zero to 160,000 between July 12 and July 16, with 59,000 searches on July 16 alone.

They also found that searches for ‘alien’ increased by 217 percent on the 2nd of July, just 5 days after the Area 51 event was created, and then by 199 percent on the 15th of July. This isn’t entirely an Area-51-meme-inspired trend though, as apparently 30,000 people already “shoot their rockets off to ‘alien’ videos” on an average day.

Pornhub lists the top 20 extraterrestrial searches, with ‘alien impregnation’ at number one, the more mundane ‘alien sex’ in position two, and ‘alien hentai’ at three. A few of my personal favourites are the ever so erotic ‘alien eggs’, ‘alien dildo’, and ‘alien probe.’ Also, apparently women are 33 percent more likely to get off to kinky alien shit than men.