People searched some freaky shit on pornhub during the facebook outage last week

People searched for some freaky shit on Pornhub during the Facebook outage last week

While you could probably call Pornhub a space for human interaction (in some form), interpreting the website as substitute for Facebook and Instagram errs more on the unconventional side.

Last week, while our favourite social media sites experienced their biggest outage ever, Pornhub became the unlikely home for some very unusual searches as people vied to keep their fingers busy. Here are the curious trends Pornhub experienced in the harrowing 10 hours that Facebook and Instagram were down.

While our favourite social media sites were down last week, people searched for some freaky shit on Pornhub. Searches for ‘Facebook’ and ‘Instagram’ spiked, as well as ‘tentacle porn’ and ‘Fortnite’.

Probably the least surprising statistic to come out of the whole ordeal is that Pornhub’s traffic increased by 11% immediately after Facebook and Instagram crashed. By the early evening, traffic spiked at 19% above what it would normally be at that time (which is already a peak period).

There’s more to this than just boredom though. Apparently a lot of internet users were confused about whether Pornhub was site for sexually explicit content, or a search engine, with searches for ‘Facebook’ increasing by 221%, and ‘Instagram’ by a whopping 323%. Either that, or people sought a social media fix via sexy videos. Who’s really to say?

Easily the most troubling trend though, was the spike in searches for ‘tentacle porn’. It was 308%. Searches for Fortnite, WWE, and Marvel also spiked and I honestly don’t know what to make of any of this.

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