Drunk uncles, 80s fashion and men in dresses. See Danielle Deckard take on marriage stereotypes in Put That Ring Away

From the very beginning Danielle Deckard’s film clip for Put That Ring Away smacks society’s norms in the face, throwing gender stereotypes out the door and making way for some interesting conversation surrounding the topic of marriage.

Set in 1987, the calypso inspired synth-pop is complimented by an immediate fusion of fluorescent colours and bold fashion choices. The clip sees a bride and groom gender swapped, with Deckard dressed in a tux with a faux moustache and actor Julian Kuo in a tragic 80s wedding gown.

To top it off there’s an ensemble cast packed full of the kinds of bridesmaids, groomsmen, drunk uncles and aunties that can be seen floating around just about any wedding ceremony.

Put that ring away

Danielle Deckard’s new clip Put That Ring Away rejects society’s marriage and gender stereotypes, presenting a brand new angle in a charming fashion.

With such a relevant and contemporary topic being made prominent throughout, the American born Sydney based singer/songwriter says she penned the track to discuss the idea of marriage as ‘validation’.

“I wrote Put That Ring Away because I wanted to address the idea that marriage isn’t necessary to validate a relationship.

“There is this stereotype that all women dream of their wedding day and wearing ‘the white dress.’ While some do, I never have, and I know many other women share this viewpoint. I’ve never felt like getting married is something that will validate me as a person…choosing not to get married should not be treated as the abnormal, the unconventional.”

Championing the unpopular choice is always a noble feat, and going about it with humour as your weapon is an effective strategy. While the subject matter of Put That Ring Away might be a little spicy, the fact that Deckard had fun while doing it won’t make her any enemies.

In fact, with a lot of Australia moving away from traditional marriage choices, she might not even have the unpopular opinion anymore.

“You know what I mean – the 30 year old single woman goes to the family party and everyone asks her when she’s FINALLY going to find someone, so she doesn’t wind up a cat lady, or an old spinster. Meanwhile the 30 year old single man is a bachelor – a word that holds such positive connotations. Or maybe it’s the 30 year old woman who lives with her partner of several years, always getting asked when she’s finally going to pin him down…”

The clip is a fun and visually appealing exploration of the way we perceive marriage as individuals and a society as a whole. It also succeeds at giving the middle finger to wasteful extravagance, and one off lavish gestures.

“To me, proposals and lavish wedding ceremonies often come off as completely over the top and wasteful… I believe that a meaningful relationship exists between the two people who are in it, in all of the little ways that they express their affection. The daily acts of love, rather than a one-time grand gesture.”

Put That Ring Away is a catchy conversation starter and an entertaining one at that.

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