Dubai set to host the Middle East’s biggest pop culture festival

Dubai will host the Middle East’s biggest pop culture festival, POPC Live!, a five-day event taking place in March 2022.

PopC Live! is a pop culture festival, celebrating Esports, comics, music and YouTube content creators.

Notable events will include the Girlgamer World Finals and Esports, such as PUBG Mobile, League of Legends and DOTA 2 tournaments, where top international teams will compete to win millions in prize money.

Dubai city
Dubai Image via Travel Earth

There will also be pop culture orientated panels, workshops, conferences and concerts. It will feature an Artists’ Alley, Cinema Club and celebrity meet-and-greets.

However, information regarding celebrity guests has been kept secret for now.

The Festival’s exhibitor section will feature major gaming publishers, comic book houses, toy companies and film and TV brands.

The event’s main stadium will boast a line-up of regional and international music acts, along with interactive and engaging segments.

Nehal Badri, director of Brand Dubai, explained why Dubai was chosen to exhibit the festival:

The hosting of PopC Live! for the first time in the region in Dubai not only reinforces the city’s status as a leading destination for digital content development, but also highlights its role as a leader in creating exciting new opportunities for youth in the region.

Image of Dubai Comic Con
Dubai Comic Con Image via mefcc

Badri went on to mention the prospect of Dubai as a major stakeholder in entertainment: “The partnership between Waverider and Galaxy Racer supports our efforts to encourage talent, creativity and entrepreneurship. The event will also contribute to further positioning Dubai as a major global venue for entertainment and sporting events.

PPop! C Live will have plenty of local and international sponsors to fund the jam-packed event.

One of them is WaveRider, an IP content creation and management company Led by CEO Arafaat Ali Khan, co-founder of Middle East Film and Comic Con.

The place and official dates of the event are unknown but further details will be announced soon.