DZ Deathrays call out sexist behaviour on tour

Aussie thrash legends DZ Deathrays, who are currently on tour with Canberra-based band Moaning Lisa, have called out misogynistic and disrespectful behaviour towards the latter.

DZ Deathrays call out punters for sexist and disrespectful comments towards Canberra band, Moaning Lisa, setting a proud example.

DZ Deathrays released a statement via Facebook last night condemning the behaviour as “absolutely unacceptable.” 

They continue: “There have been a number of instances where men have been disrespectful to our support act, Moaning Lisa and this is absolutely not on.” 

“If you are caught being disrespectful to anyone at any of our shows you will be immediately removed.”

They went on to outline a standard to be met for anyone attending their shows, which is basically just common human decency, and described themselves as being “completely heartbroken at the actions of some people”

“If your mate is acting up, call them out”, they later conclude, detailing a moral high mark for snuffing out this behaviour before it spreads.

The DZ Deathrays still have a few dates left on their massive national tour so catch a show here, and read the full statement below.