“It’s simply disgusting”: Cherry Glazerr speak out on the sexism they face on tour

It’s a story we’ve heard before, and one we really wish we could stop hearing. LA band Cherry Glazerr have taken to Facebook over the weekend to share a statement on the blatant sexism they often face on tour.

The band describe the instances where engineers, venue staff, and countless others treat their sound engineer, tour manager, and themselves differently because they’re women.

cherry glazerr Pamela Littky
Photo: Pamela Littky

Super simple stuff: treat women in music with the respect you would afford men. Cherry Glazerr are the latest in a long line of artists speaking out against sexism in the industry.

“They ask us what we’re doing here, why are we here? Who are we? We’re the band that you hired… then they accuse us of being difficult, just for existing it seems.”

In 2018 we’re in an age where sexism, misogyny, and other unacceptable behaviour is examined and responded to more suitably than ever, but there’s still a long fucking way to go. When you hear another story like Cherry Glazerr’s or look at the numbers behind the problem, things are ugly.

If you work in music, there’s no excuse not to behave appropriately around your colleagues, no matter their gender.

Read Cherry Glazerr’s full statement below.

Via Pitchfork.