WATCH: Lily Tomlin walks out of interview after a sexist remark

WATCH: Lily Tomlin walks out of interview after a sexist remark

Lily Tomlin famously walked out on a talk show after fellow guest Chad Everett made a sexist remark, naming his wife, among the animals he owned on his farm.

On March 31, 1972, Dick Cavett hosted Chad Everett and Lily Tomlin on his show. The segment centred around a special about animals. In particular, the program titled  It Takes A Lot of Love, that was aimed to bridge the gap between human and animal communications so pet owners could understand their furry friend’s needs.

The conversation, however, moved on to Everett’s love of animals. With Everett listing, “I have three horses, three dogs…and a wife.”

A few chuckles can be heard from the audience, and Cavett asks,  “Want to think about the billing order, there?”

“No, no,” Everett said. “She’s the most beautiful animal I own.”

Tomlin got to her feet in shock “You own?” she asked Everett.

“Wow.” Tomlin then walked across the stage, saying, “I have to leave.”

What remained was an awkward silence, as Everett and Cavett deal with what looked like an array of mixed and confusing emotions.

When Lilly Tomlin famously walked off stage in 1972, Tomlin felt “It was a perfectly pure act,” later telling the New York Times, “I felt angels walked me off.”