David Spade gives $5k to Burger King employee who was undervalued

David Spade donated $5,000 to a Burger King employee, to make up for the shitty little goodie bag he received after 27 years of service.

Last week, a Burger King employee by the name of Kevin Ford went viral on TikTok after posting a clip of him showcasing small, see-through bag of “gifts” he had been sent from HMS Host; a business used by Burger King to hire staff members.

This cheap, underwhelming bag of “goodies” was supposed to be an acknowledgement of Kevin’s 27 years of loyal service to the fast food franchise, at their Las Vegas airport restaurant. And with perfect attendance, nonetheless.

Credit: Getty Images/TikTok

Needles to say, the gift bag was shit. As can be seen in the video below, Kevin shows off its contents, which comprises a reusable Starbucks cup, a single movie ticket, two pens, and a packet of Reese’s chocolate. Kevin believes that HMS Host scraped together whatever “they had lying around,” and shipped it off to him like they did something special. Let’s face it, this scenario is highly likely.

“Not feeling appreciated,” Kevin can be heard saying in the video. “27 years…I never missed one day of work.”


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Following the video post, the loyal cashier and cook told TMZ“I’m happy about anything, I’m thankful for anything I get, I’m not that type of person, believe me. I’ve been through a lot.”

He continued, “It’s a great company, you know, I’ve been there 27 years. But like most big corporations, they’ve kind of lost touch with their workers, and through Covid and whatever, they started cutting out programs.”

david spade
Credit: Instagram / Reddit

After nearly thirty years of faithful service, we think everyone can agree that Kevin deserved better. Thankfully, so did actor David Spade, who made a sizeable donation of $5,000 to the employee’s GoFundMe, after finding out about the situation through his daughter. Not only that, but the actor also sent Kevin a private DM via Instagram, commending him for his hard work. According to TMZ, Spade wrote, “Keep up the good work. 27 yrs.” 

Kevin reportedly wrote back, “Holy s**t dude!!! Cannot Believe This!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH For even Watching the Video! I Love You My Brother!!! Much Love and God Bless… I think might be able to take a Day Off…”

Onya, David! And congrats, Kevin. We respect the hustle. Keep being awesome!!