Viral TikTok of skateboarder vibing to Fleetwood Mac puts band back in the charts

A TikTok video soundtracked by Dreams by Fleetwood Mac has gone viral, causing streams to spike. And for good reason!

The iconic Dreams by Fleetwood Mac is back in the charts again, rejoice! The decades-old song is currently sitting at number 80 on Spotify’s global streaming charts, and it appears, in part, to be thanks to a TikTok video that has gone viral. Ahhh, the power of the internet.

The clip features a guy, who is clearly just minding his own business, skating down a highway whilst drinking cranberry juice and straight-up ~vibing~ to Dreams. The video has racked up millions of likes and shares, and even scored a retweet from the band.

Fleetwood Mac Dreams

TikTok user, Nathan Apodaca, who is better known as 420Doggface208 (nice), uploaded the wholesome video just four days ago. Since then, others on the app have been quick to hop on the trend and reenact the video themselves. Then, it received the ultimate honour: a retweet from Fleetwood Mac themselves.

Following the Fleetwood Mac retweet, Billboard decided to weigh in on the issue, describing: “As if the multitasking wasn’t impressive enough, the possibility for the song’s return to the Billboard charts is incredibly high.”

Given everything that 2020 has brought us, this is exactly the kind of feel-good content we need.

Whilst you’re here, why don’t you treat yourself to a listen of the old Fleetwood Mac classic?

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