Eddie Vedder keeps busking outside of baseball games in Chicago

Eddie Vedder keeps casually busking outside of baseball games in Chicago. Just ’cause

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder has started busking on the streets of Chicago, performing twice in the last week outside baseball stadiums.

That’s one way to get fans to games, I guess.

eddie vedder pearl jam busking chicago

Eddie Vedder is so damn ecstatic about the recent dominance of his baseball team, the Chicago Cubs, that he’s taken to the streets in celebration.

Not that we have noticed from all the way down in Australia, but apparently the Chicago Cubs have been killing it. Also apparently, Vedder has a history of celebrating their wins in this style.

Such is the usual case when world class musos show up on the streets, it looks like most passers by didn’t know who they were looking at. To be honest, the crossover between pioneering grunge fans and die-hard baseball stadium attendees can’t be that large…

The videos show Vedder securing busk time on two separate occasions, once yesterday and also on Friday night.

Via Rolling Stone.