Eddie Veder invited fans up on stage to sing with him, and it’s seriously epic

Pearl Jam made their debut at Colorado’s The Ride Festival this past Saturday, and not only did they perform their track Angel for the first time in 22 years! but frontman Eddie Vedder invited some lucky fans up on stage to sing Daughters with him.

Pearl Jam

Watch the legend, Eddie Vedder, make dreams come true, and invite karaoke winning fans up on stage to sing Daughters with him

The two women invited on stage were winners of a local Pearl Jam karaoke contest, and were asked to join him on stage for the chorus. They willingly obliged, and it was a seriously grand moment.

Known for speaking out on social, and political issues, Vedder also took the opportunity to allude to the recent police shootings in the US .

As the women exited the stage, Vedder incorporated lyrics of W.M.A. into the end of Daughter “Police stopped my brother again.” 

To make it even more of a memorable night for those in attendance, the band also played frontman Eddie Vedder’s Into the Wild track Society together for the first time ever. 

It’s safe to say the crowd were given a seriously kick-ass show. Kudos, Vedder.