Eddy Current Suppression Ring return, announce new album ‘All In Good Time’

It’s been too long! Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Melbourne-based garage punk gems, have come out of nowhere this week the announcement of a forthcoming new album. All In Good Time is due to drop on Friday, December 13th and a new single, Our Quiet Whisper, is out now.

Their last studio album, Rush To Relax, was released at the end of the last decade and the band had stopped performing live for the most part, bar a reunion show at Aunty Meredith’s Golden Plains Festival and Tasmania’s Dark MOFO in 2016.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring are back! They’re releasing a new album, All In Good Time and yes, it’s about bloody time.

Infamously formed at an office Christmas Party back in the mid 2000s, the band picked up speed in 2008 when they released their album Primary Colours to international acclaim. In the time between, members have been busy. Mikey Young’s excellent guitar work can be heard in the band Total Control and Brendan Huntley’s vocals can be heard in Boomgates.

In 2018, Brendan had revealed to ABC broadcaster Zan Rowe that they had been jamming. “I don’t know what will ever come of this. But I love making music with those guys, so we still jam. And it’s sounding pretty good.

We don’t really think about what the next step is, we just love being in the room together. So, that’s where that’s at.”

Now, in good time, they’ve given us a peak at where they’re going. Listen to their new single below.