Eerie glimpse of Steve Coogan as Jimmy Savile in new BBC drama

Photographs of Coogan in a jester costume provide the first glimpse into his role as disgraced TV personality and pedophile Jimmy Savile.

Steve Coogan is set to play the infamous Top of the Pops star in an upcoming BBC mini-series entitled, The Reckoning.

Images of Coogan in a jester costume have surfaced amidst the controversy surrounding his upcoming role as the predatory British TV personality.

Image: Daily Mail

The mini-series will document Savile’s rise from working-class to one of the biggest stars in the UK.

It’s said to observe his early career DJing in the clubs of Northern England, his stint in the BBC and – most critically – the way he used his power and status to enact years of sexual abuse. Like many famous sexual predators, Savile used his power and status to silence his victims.

Regarding the controversial role, Coogan said: “To play Jimmy Saville was not a decision I took lightly. Neil McKay has written an intelligent script tackling sensitively a horrific story which – however harrowing – needs to be told.”

Indeed, this is a story that needs to be told. Given the popularity of TV mini-series, there are hopes that this will provoke meaningful discussion around the systematisation of abuse by famous personalities.

Sandra Golbacher, the show’s director, had this to say: “The Reckoning is a unique opportunity to give Savile’s survivors, the people who inspired this project, a voice. I feel sure that Steve Coogan’s powerful performance as Savile will create a debate around how the cult of  celebrity cloaked him from scrutiny.”

Johnny Rotten’s, of The Sex Pistols, made remarks about Savile in 1978, well before he was outed for predatory behaviour. It seems Savile had, for many years, abused his celebrity to silence those who tried to speak out against him.

In order to handle the subject with sensitivity and respect the show’s crew is said to be in close contact with those whose lives were impacted by Savile.