Protestors gather outside Buckingham Palace chanting “paedophile”

Freedom For The Children UK protestors gathered outside of Buckingham Palace to chant “paedophile” at accused child sex-offender, Prince Andrew.

Demonstrators gathered outside Buckingham Palace earlier this week, chanting “paedophile” at Prince Andrew, who has been accused of being involved in child sex-trafficking activities.

The demonstrations, organised by a group called Freedom For The Children UK, were held across London, Liverpool, and Manchester, with the aim to bring awareness to child exploitation.

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The protests in London began from the London Eye before making their way to Buckingham Palace with The Duke of York, Prince Andrew, the target of the demonstrations.

Virginia Giuffre, believed to have been trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein, accused Prince Andrew of being involved in the crimes and having sex with her multiple times when she was just 17 years old.

Prince Andrew has denied these allegations, however, he stepped down from his royal duties after a  November BBC interview regarding the allegations.

Queen Elizabeth’s son is believed to have been close friends of Jeffrey Epstein, who was facing charges of sex trafficking before dying from an apparent suicide.

Epstein’s ex-partner Ghislaine Maxwell is also facing charges.

On their Facebook page, Freedom For The Children UK said, “The purpose of this walk for change is to bring awareness to the current reality of child exploitation within our own communities and around the world.”

They continued, “We hope to encourage our judiciary systems to provide proper representation to survivors who have been impacted by child exploitation and to serve maximum sentencing to perpetrators of the issue.”

Protestors bore signs that read “Prince Andrew, we just wanna talk”, “child trafficking is not a conspiracy theory”, and “Why does the Queen knight so many paedophiles?”

In the past, knighthoods have been handed to prolific sex offender Jimmy Savile and accused child sex abuser MP Cyril Smith.

UK Home Office Data from 2019 found 43% of potential sex trafficking victims were children aged 18 and under.