Royal Australian Mint to circulate Vegemite-themed coin in honour of the spread’s centenary

The Royal Australian Mint has shared the designs of its 2023 collection, which features a $1 coin emblazoned with Vegemite on toast. 

The coin was launched in celebration of the centenary of the yeasty Australian spread, which is due to celebrate its 100-year anniversary in 2023. One side of the coin displays a half-bitten slice of toast smothered with Vegemite, with the flip side featuring the profile of Queen Elizabeth II. Vegemite was invented in Melbourne way back in 1923. 

The coin’s dual depiction of the two icons makes it a covetable collector’s item, especially given that it’s thought to be the last currency to feature the queen following her death in September. The Vegemite coin joins a long list of commemorative pieces launched by the Royal Mint, which released an ABC-centric coin in honour of the station’s 90-year anniversary earlier this year. 

Credit: Royal Australian Mint

The Wiggles, frontline workers, firefighters and the Invictus Games have also been recognised in copper form over the years. Queen Elizabeth’s inclusion in this collection follows news that her profile will be replaced on Australian coins next year. The former monarch will make way for her son and successor, King Charles, who’ll soon grace the flip side of all decimal currencies. 

Charles, however, is unlikely to replace his mother on the five-dollar note, with the Labor government reportedly considering an Australian to grace the banknote. Citizens have suggested a slew of potential faces to grace the purple bill, including the likes of Steve Irwin and Kath and Kim. “We’ll have a sensible conversation within government and make an appropriate announcement in due course,” a Labor representative said of who’ll don the note.

Credit: The Brag

The Royal Australian Mint’s Vegemite coin is available now, either through phone order or via in-shop purchase. Given that the queen graces over 15 billion coins currently in circulation, Elizabeth’s face will likely outnumber Charles’ for many years to come, with only 110 million new coins being minted annually.