Mykaela Jay shares jazzy, funk-laden new single ‘Purple Flowers’

With her dynamic, understated new single Purple Flowers, Mykaela Jay has offered the world another taste of her debut album Mother Dearest.

Mykaela Jay is an artist hailing from the northern NSW town of Lismore, bringing her own flavour of freewheeling neo-soul to the Aussie music table. Inspired by the likes of Nai Palm and Laura Misch, to date she’s released two captivating singles, teasing an album on the way.

Today marks the release of Purple Flowers, a jazzy number which holds Jay’s highly capable voice front and centre.

Mykaela Jay Purple Flowers

Purple Flowers displays a range of jazz and funk influenced sounds, from the electric piano sitting deep in the mix to a saxophone improvising over the song’s closing moments. All the while Jay’s voice holds steady, singing for the vibrancy of youth and the beauty of the world around us.

Speaking about the single, Mykaela Jay shared she “was listening to a lot of Louis Armstrong and playing tunes like La Vie En Rose and Moon River. Originally the song was written for the ukulele, with a sweet jazzy flavour and a bit of oomf”.

“It came to be the funky song it is today completely by accident. One afternoon I just started jamming it with the boys who were later the band for my album.”

Purple Flowers follows A Dog’s Way Home as Mykaela Jay’s second single. They’re both cuts from an upcoming album named Mother Dearest, recorded to celebrate the diverse musical talent in Lismore. Expect more wonderful musicianship on display from the LP, coming your way – hopefully – quite soon.


Purple Flowers is out now.