Ghislaine Maxwell wins battle to keep “highly intrusive” documents about her sex life private

Since the highly connected financier Jeffery Epstein was found dead in his cell following convictions for his long history of sex trafficking minors, those in his social circles have been scrambling to disconnect and hide their involvement with the now-disgraced man.

Now, former partner and assistant Ghislaine Maxwell has managed to writhe her way out of the public bearing witness to what have been deemed “highly intrusive” documents – revealing her liaisons with Jeffery Epstein, amongst other things – just hours before they were set to be released yesterday.

Ghislaine Maxwell has managed to keep documents that detail her sex life concealed from the public on the grounds that they hinder her ability for a just trial.

Earlier last month, Happy delved into the role that Ghislaine Maxwell played in the widely reported sex trafficking of minors that Jeffery Epstein has come to be known for. Maxwell’s name has been gracing headlines since her recent arrest by the FBI on charges related to Epstein in July of this year.

According to The Sun, the documents in question are actually Maxwell’s sealed deposition papers taken in April 2016 from a now-settled case between the 58-year-old British socialite and one of Epstein’s most vocal survivors, Virginia Roberts Giuffre. At the time, Giuffre claimed that Maxwell sexually abused underage girls as young as 15 years old and was an active accomplice in Epstein’s sex trafficking ring.

Media were reporting on the papers that were set the drop, revealing hidden details of Epstein and his high-profile accomplices, before Maxwell flexed her legal powers and delayed the unsealing of the deposition until, at the very least, September 22. Whilst some were released on Thursday – including documents which mentioned both Bill Clinton and Prince Andrews – apparently the most intimate of the papers remain sealed.

Lawyers argued the “highly intrusive” details in the papers could make it “difficult if not impossible” for an impartial jury to be found. Currently, Maxwell is being held at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center following her July 2 arrest in New Hampshire.

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