Working with Others: join a free online workshop that’s all about collaboration

In our next UNDERPROOF Workshop, Working with Others, you’ll learn what it means to be a collaborator. As a musician you’ll work with a variety of other parties, from creatives such as photographers or designers, to management or publicity.

Where do you find these people, and how will you know if someone’s right for you? We’ll be covering it all, so tune in to Happy Mag’s Facebook page on Wednesday August 5th from 6pm to join the workshop and ask any questions you have about Working with Others.

underproof workshop working with others

Working with Others: find out what it means to be a dynamic creative collaborator at our next UNDERPROOF Workshop!

Underproof is a yearly initiative run by Happy Mag and the Northern Beaches Council, giving 5 bands with under 500 Facebook likes the chance to play alongside a massive Aussie headliner. In the lead-up to that show on November 14th, we’ve also been running online workshops aimed at emerging bands from Sydney’s Northern Beaches and beyond. The workshops are broadcast live on Facebook, meaning anyone can join in.

Topics we’ve already covered include Releasing and Promoting IndependentlyMarketing 101Demoing and Recording at Home, Social Media and Band Awareness, and Under the Spotlight. This coming Wednesday will be Working with Others.

The workshop goes down on Wednesday 29 July from 6pm AEST, with Happy Mag’s Editor Tom Cameron and Enmore Audio’s Editor and Sound Engineer Dan Shaw leading the chat.

Working with Others will also include two Q&As with two guests. First will be Pat O’Hara, the photographer who’s shot every punk and rock band in the Northern Beaches, including a longstanding stint as Dear Seattle’s touring lens. Second will be Callum Howell, an engineer and producer to Ocean Alley for the past five years. Currently based in Forbes St Studios, Howell has worked with a variety of other bands from the area including Eagle Eye Jones and The Sea Gypsies.

Check out all the info for the upcoming Underproof Workshop below, and respond ‘Going’ to the Facebook Event to stay updated.

Underproof Workshop: Working with Others

Wednesday 5 August from 6pm
Live on Happy Mag’s Facebook