EKKO give us a track-by-track run-down of their hypnotic debut EP

EKKO give us a track-by-track run-down of their hypnotic debut EP

Last month, South Coast outfit EKKO dropped their incredible debut EP. The three tracks, recorded at Newmarket Studios last October, are something special indeed. If you haven’t already had a listen, get on that right now.

A few weeks removed from its release, we caught up with the band who shared the stories behind each track.

South Coast alt-rock five-piece EKKO run us through their mesmerising debut self-titled EP, one track at a time.

Further words by EKKO.

We headed down to play some shows in Victoria for the first time and had a break between shows so we took some LSD in the Redwood Forest… We returned to the city and found out we had just been booked in to record the next day.

We had no idea we would be spending the day in the studio recording the three tracks which are our first EP.


Tigerlily is about life and connection and finding a place in this world, as with a lot of our songs. It really flowed in the studio and was finished in no time.


We were deliberating over the synth sound for the big outro right up until the final take, going for a sound that wouldn’t seem out of place on Mogwai’s Rave Tapes, experimenting with the sounds of the keyboard a friend had given us.

A lot of the atmospheric guitar sounds were done impromptu messing around with the BigSky reverb pedal.


With Devilish, the name came from what a devil it was to actually write this song. Many hours were spent deliberating how it could build and how it could be structured. We’d been playing it live and it quickly turned into a favourite of ours.

I think we were curious whether we could capture its same energy and power of a live performance in the studio environment. It was the first song we recorded. It’s a song that reflects our unique relations and kinship to each other.


EKKO’s self-titled debut EP is out now.