Smells like teen spirit to us. Ninajirachi is proving that age means nothing as she takes on Listen Out 2017

She might be in high school, but that doesn’t mean she can’t dominate Listen Out 2017 right? You read correctly, coming to the forefront of Aussie electronic music is 17 year old Ninajirachi.

We got to catch up with her in between tour dates to chat women in electronic music, playing at The Enmore and why ingrown hairs are just so goddamn satisfying.

Already blowing Triple J out of the water and landing a coveted spot on the Listen Out line up alongside Mac Miller and What So Not, Ninajirachi is only heading up.

HAPPY: So you’re in high school still… this must be a fun break from the day to day?

NINAJIRACHI: Sometimes it can be hard to balance, but yes definitely.

HAPPY: Tell me a bit about how the music started?

NINAJIRACHI: I began playing the piano at five and writing (really bad) songs at around seven. The electronic stuff started when I discovered GarageBand on my mum’s computer in year three. She bought me FL Studio for my fourteenth birthday and it became a thing that I’d play with on my laptop at home, on the bus to and from school and during really boring classes.

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HAPPY: You’re a young artist with so much at your feet, do you feel like you need a plan B?

NINAJIRACHI: I understand the sentiment of committing wholly to a passion, but I feel insecure if all my eggs are in one basket. Music is far from my only hobby/pursuit, so even if I don’t need a plan B, I almost feel as if I have one anyway.

HAPPY: Women in music, it’s a big topic at the moment, Electric Lady is coming up and Women in Electronic Music just happened. Where do you stand in seeing role models in the industry?

NINAJIRACHI: The Women in Electronic Music workshops were great, I was so bummed that I couldn’t go to the showcase. I love Kučka, I took part in her workshop both this year and last, she’s so cool and nice and I love her voice. KLP is awesome too, I first met her as a volunteer extra for her music video when I was in year 10 and she has been really supportive of my music.

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HAPPY: You are clearly surrounded by plenty of influences, who are you loving at the moment and who’s making you feel inspired?

NINAJIRACHI: There are sooooo many! My most recently played artists on Spotify are Kali Uchis, Rezz, Alt-J and Steve Lacy. I have been listening to them a lot.

HAPPY: You have so much ahead of you… dream venue?

NINAJIRACHI: Probably the Enmore Theatre in Sydney. I have been to so many shows there so I guess it feels a little sentimental. The Sydney Opera House forecourt is also really beautiful.

HAPPY: Lastly, can you name one guilty pleasure, song or otherwise.

NINAJIRACHI: Plucking ingrown hairs. Not that I really feel guilty about it, but I know some people find it gross. One of my best friends finds it equally as satisfying and we always text each other whenever we find one.


Catch Ninajirachi at Listen Out later this year alongside a slew of other hot local and international acts.