St. O’Donnell’s Gabe Gasparinatos isn’t revealing anything about their secretive Select Gallery this weekend

St. O’Donnell are fast proving themselves to be the kings of Sydney arts and music, coming up once again with a killer lineup for the Select Gallery Series.

With fashion labels like Acid Reign and artists including Vishmi Helaratne and Vanessa Nguyen, the visuals on the night are sure to be out of this world. Not to mention acts like Mohi, Suede Francisco and Carmody taking the reigns, we can assure you it will be a late one.

We sat down with St. O’Donnell crew member and filmmaker Gabe Gasparinatos to get an idea of what to expect this time around.

A platform for up-and-coming artists, musicians, fashionistas and creatives, St. O’Donnell’s Select Gallery is shining a light on the next wave of Sydney talent.

HAPPY: Tell me a bit about the artists featured in Saturday’s show and what’s the theme?

GABE: The lineup is a diverse range of Sydney legends we’ve enjoyed noticing forever. I couldn’t tell you an exact theme because we give full creative control to the artists, but the moodboards we had floating around definitely reflected the current weather!

HAPPY: You guys are fusing art and music, but there is a street element to it, is it important for the brand to remain accessible to everyone?

GABE: Definitely – we pride ourselves on the range of people and love the idea of fusing high end products with raw unadulterated creativity. We find so many events in Sydney are restrictive or clique-y. With the Select Gallery we’ve tried really hard to remove that elitism or assumption of what type of person should attend an art event and make it open for anyone.

HAPPY: You’ve kept the location under wraps. Why?

GABE: I’m not sure where the incentive to do that has come from… we just love a bit of mystery.

HAPPY: You’ve got some sponsors and great partnerships, what advice would you give to people looking to reach out for help in getting projects like this off the ground?

GABE: You’ll realise that all the brands that could sponsor you or labels that you could partner with are as keen on you as you are on them. It’s a really nice mutual feeling to get and can lead to some of the coolest collaborations..

HAPPY: What makes Sydney a great city for art and culture and what is St O’Donnell bringing to the table that should make people want to get involved?

GABE: There are countless great spaces to hold events, and such a huge number of aspiring artists in Sydney that we could hold an event in a different suburb each month and never see the same person twice. We want to cross those barriers and bring everyone together. I like to think we’re bringing a broad range of ideas to a table with an even broader range of people.


St. O’Donnell’s Select Gallery is this Saturday in an undisclosed Sydney location. For all the details, head over to the Facebook event.