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Elektron goes stealth with Analog Four and Analog Rytm MKII update

Elektron has given their much-loved Analog Four MKII synth and Analog Rytm MKII drum machine a UI update and fresh coats of black paint.

Black remains one of the most popular colours in synthesizers and music gear in general. That’s why many an eyebrow was raised when Elektron released their Analog Four MKII Synthesizer and Analog Rytm MKII Drum Machine exclusively in grey (much like this famous sampler of yesteryear).

Both of these are now available in an all-black finish, along with a sleek new colour palette for the UI.

Analog Rytm MKII

While none of the hardware has been modified, Elektron has redesigned the aesthetic to fit more in line with the Digitakt and Digitone. This should be some exciting news for those who DAW-less electronic artists who use the full line-up and want the Analog Four and Analog Rytm slot into a sleek setup. Along with the black finish, Elektron has added a new back-lit colour palette to the user interface.

The factory content on both devices has also been expanded, with Eraldo Bernocchi, Lucifer’s Aid, Spit Mask, and (d) glitched, as well as the Elektron team adding new patterns to banks.

Read more about the updated Analog Four MKII and the Analog Rytm MKII on the Elektron website.