Elizabeth Rose drops political new single Division

Elizabeth Rose has just released her new single Division, a pop gem with a political heart, addressing the current state of marriage inequality in Australia.

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Opening up about the track, Rose has said that “Australia is tipped as the ‘lucky’ country, but reflecting upon what we stand for, I’m not sure that we are all that we’re cracked up to be. Our peers fall victim to acts of discrimination and are denied the right to equality. For a country that boasts of multi-culturalism and acceptance, why aren’t we accepting of this?” 

She continues, “Less than a week ago Ireland became the nineteenth country to allow same sex marriage, they join the Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Sweden, Norway, France, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Spain and the U.K. We are moving towards this significant moment in Australian history and I urge people to accept and embrace this need for equality in our country.”

With such a dense political drive, the track is appropriately dark, powerful and clear in its purpose. Beginning as a balladering plea, the track soon launches into warping pop track, driven by bass heavy beats and, of course, Rose’s magnificent vocals.

For the next two weeks Division will be available via Rose’s website on a pay what you choose basis with proceeds going to AME to fight for the rights of those currently discriminated against.