Eminem authorises his music to be used in a political ad for the first time

For the first time ever, Eminem has allowed his music to be used in a political campaign in a last-minute ad for the upcoming US election.

On the doorstep of the US presidential election, numerous artists are going against past precedent and allowing their music to be used in political ads. Over the weekend, for the first time, Taylor Swift authorised her music to be used in a pro-Joe Biden ad for Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell.

Now, Eminem has followed suit, giving the green light for his Oscar-winning 2002 hit, Lose Yourself, to be used for a Biden-authorised spot encouraging people to get out and vote.

joe biden eminem

The 45-second ad, titled One Opportunity, features powerful black and white footage of everyday Americans, interspersed with Biden and Kamala Harris on the campaign trail. The video was posted to Joe Biden’s official YouTube yesterday, along with the caption, “We have one shot. One opportunity. One moment. Don’t miss the chance — vote”, in reference to the iconic opening lyrics of Lose Yourself. 

Eminem himself even took to Twitter to repost the video, with the caption: “One opportunity… #Vote”.

It’s possible that inspiration for the ad came after Eminem’s record label, Shady Records, posted a video reimagining one of the recent presidential debates as a rap battle, lip-syncing Biden with 8 Mile’s protagonist B-Rabbit

The election is set to take place on November 3 and will see Biden go up against Trump for his chance to be President of the United States. Check out the ad below.

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