Eminem’s Shady Records just reworked the presidential debate with Biden as B-Rabbit

Eminem’s record label lip-synced Joe Biden with 8 Mile‘s protagonist B-Rabbit in this hilarious rap battle.

Just weeks out from the US presidential election, Eminem’s record label have offered up their political stance in a clever reimagining of Joe Biden as B-Rabbit.

The quirky meme was posted on Shady Records’ Instagram page last week in light of the recent debate between current president Donald Trump and the Democratic opposition leader.

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Joe Biden and 8 Mile‘s B-Rabbit

“Biden Rabbit? VOTE!” reads the caption paired with the Instagram post. Urging their US audiences to vote, Shady Records envision Joe Biden voiced over by The Slim Shady, hollering: “Now everybody from the 313 / Put your motherfucking hands up and follow me.


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Biden Rabbit? VOTE! Link in bio. . . credit: @yilmaz.exe

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The meme features one of the final scenes from 8 Mile, the 2002 film loosely based upon Eminem’s turbulent path to fame. Eminem played B-Rabbit in the film, winning an Oscar for Best Original Song for Lose Yourself, which featured on its soundtrack.

The 8 Mile scene envisions B-Rabbit versing Papa Doc in an underground rap battle, with the meme eluding to the upcoming battle between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the US presidential election occuring on November 3.

Joe Biden takes on Trump in a lip sync battle for the masses, with Shady Records comparing the Republican leader to the Big Bad Wolf: “This Free World’s got you gassed up / Now, who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?” 

Whilst you’re here, relive the glory of Lose Yourself below.

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