‘Shitshow’, ‘move to Canada’, and ‘stress’ all trend after presidential debate

US presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump sees spikes in Google searches for ‘move to Canada’, ‘shitshow’, and ‘stress’.

The presidential debate went as smoothly as everyone expected. Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden answered questions uninterrupted about their political stances on topics such as healthcare, jobs, and the economy, as well as how each will move to minimise the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and voters were given the chance to truly decide their political allegiance.

Oh, how we wish this was the case.

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Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

According to Google Trends, the cantankerous first presidential debate lead to spikes in searches on how American citizens could get themselves out of the ‘shitshow’ of a country.

Online searches for terms such as ‘move to Canada’ and ‘how to apply for Canadian citizenship’ also spiked during the chaos of watching two septuagenarians talk over each other.

The trend of ‘how to move to Canada’ reached a perfect trending score of 100 at 9:36 am, while ‘how to apply for Canadian citizenship’ reached breakout later in the day.

United States citizens were in such a hurry to pack up and leave that some couldn’t get their neighbouring country’s name right, with searches for ‘How to move to Canda’ also spiking.

The 90-minute mess of a debate was summed up with the trending term of ‘shitshow’, with the trend peaking at around 12:40 pm, seemingly after CNN host Danan Bash said on live TV what everyone was thinking: “That was a shitshow.”

It’s hilarious to laugh at from afar, but you have to feel somewhat sorry for those who have to pick between two geriatric, white candidates, one of which (guess who) refused to condemn white supremacist group, Proud Boys.

After an hour and a half of constant interruptions, wild assertions, and straight-up falsities, there’s no surprise Google searches for ‘stress’ hit their week-high during the presidential debate.

Considering this is just the first of four debates scheduled to take place, we expect a potential mass exodus from the United States by the time the November 3rd election date rolls around.