Bucket hats and tie-dye: Joe Biden’s new merch line is a mood

High fashion: US Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has revealed a new line of designer merch featuring tie-dye t-shirts and bucket hats.

Why does Joe Biden’s new designer merch line make me feel like I’m about to drop a bunch of cash at a music festival? Featuring everything from tie-dye t-shirts and bandanas to bucket hats and charm necklaces, the Democratic presidential candidate’s new merch line is unexpected, to say the least.

Whilst many of the items are either confusing (why is there a t-shirt with a bandana printed on the front of it?) or covered in vague political slogans like “Rebuild With Love” – I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t cop a Biden World Stage concert shirt, tie-dye and all.

Joe Biden Bucket Hat merch

The t-shirt, designed by Kanye West collaborator Joe Perez, looks closer to merch from a Travis Scott tour than your typical political merchandise. In place of where cities would usually be listed on a regular tour shirt, the Biden tee contains campaign promises including “Support Refugees”, “Universal Human Rights“, and “Climate Crisis”.

The Biden campaign enlisted several high-profile artists in the creation of the merch, including Perez, jewellery designer Monique Péan, and Joseph Altuzarra. On Instagram Perez backed Biden over his former boss, Mr West, stating “I fully support the Biden/Harris ticket because we need respected leadership on the world stage that will restore the United States as a beacon of democracy, freedom and hope.

This is the latest instalment in a youth-focused presidential campaign from Biden after being interviewed by Cardi B, and enlisting Billie Eilish to perform at the Democratic National Convention.

If you’re looking for an outfit to wear when Listen Out returns – or perhaps a charm necklace to make you feel like a politically-minded 16-year-old – you can find the full store at Joe Biden’s website. The items range from $35 to $60 USD, with all proceeds going to the Biden Victory Fund.