For some reason, Trump reckons he can delay the US Election

Unfortunately, Trump has continued with his long list of misinformation and deplorable moves. This week, he took to Twitter to announce his intentions to delay the 2020 presidential election.

Of course, Trump actually has no power to change the date of the election and is getting absolutely roasted for thinking he can.


On Thursday, Trump announced that he would try to push back the date of the 2020 presidential election because of mail-in-voting, which he falsely claims will result in “fraudulent results.”

Due to the current state of the pandemic, Health and Government Officials have implemented mail-in-voting for the safety of US Citizens. This move has been praised for creating greater accessibility to vote and for ensuring the health of US Citizens.

Trump has made his objections clear, falsely exclaiming that this would result in “fraudulent results” and would only benefit the Democratic Party.

Many people were keen to share their thoughts on the matter, including the Brennan Centre for Justice. The organisation reminded everyone that the risk of ballot fraud was merely between 0.00004% to 0.0009%, making it near impossible for mail-in-voting to truly skew election results.

Ethics/Election Lawyer Ellen Weintraub responded with this brilliant clap-back for all to admire:

Only the US Constitution has the power to delay an election, not the president, meaning that Trump’s tweets are full of false information. Who’s surprised? Literally no-one.

The election will still take place in November.