Empat Lima

Remember that band in the movie Kill Bill? When Beatrix Kiddo goes to have that gory face off with O-Ren, and there was that all girls band on the stage who were pumping up the crowd with the fabulous twisting and head banging… Well they were called

Now since we are dealing with numbers name a another all girls band with numbers…  Four Five, send any neurons firing? No? How about Empat Lima? Still no? Okay well Empat Lima is ‘four five’ in Malay.

empat lima band

Empat Lima adalah band gila dari Melbourne, kita suka bagaimana mereka mencampur pengaruh Asia dengan garaj tahun 1960-an!

The three piece, all X chromosome-d band from Melbourne plays a unique blend of music that draws its inspiration from Japanese Pop, a bit of psychedelic Thai (thaichedelic!) and Indonesian Dangut. The output of this mixture sounds like garage-grungy-funk rock. The girls have been in the scene for quite a while and have their fair share of gigs to write home about.

Last month they launched their Debut EP “Satu Boom” which was recorded in a garage studio. The EP’s got six tracks which includes Au Go-Go – a cover of a song by Dara Puspita, an Indonesian pop group which is one of the band’s main influences.

Close your eyes when you are listening to Epic Mountain Song and very soon you will be hopping and tripping along like one of those alpine mountain goats… that was a joke right there*. But seriously, you will feel as though you are riding a beautiful black purebred stallion over the mystical plains of the orient. You can almost feel a samurai sword materializing upon your back… almost.

This track starts with a distinct hook-a sticky hook and then the girls start crooning in a language you cannot understand. The beauty of listening to a song in an unknown language is that it’s suddenly open to your own personal interpretation and you can fill in your own words – true and perfect customization of a track.

The track like the rest of their music has got an unusual charm, an acquired taste if you will. The more you listen, the more you like, kinda deal.



*Cringe – ed.

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